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quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Rio Comunitário -2012 Presentation

Hi there friends,
City Estatute, a Federal Law number 10.257/2001, It was criated to regularize two importants articles from Brazillian Federal Constituition numbers, 182 and 183. These articles present practice, clear and objective directions to be instaurated in city over, 20.000 habitant, after their respective Director Plan approbation, in respect with these... articles: IT ONLY CAN BE CONSIDERED REAL, PROPRIETIES THAT PRESERVES, ALL SOCIAL FUNCTION OF THE CITY.

We understand that, social function of the city, in according with the article 1° Law Nº 11.481 from May 31st 2007, The Executive Power intermediated by Planning Ministry are responsible to realize: Control, identify area demark, follow up and regularize, from all Union Propriety and also irregular occupation of the urban area. In fact it isn’t the true, our city still in an irregular process growing up, the poor population, are living in misery and sub human situation. The Public Power would have to improve up the regularization of our poor population and promote its social inserting. The Federal Constitution in article Nº 30 that all government scale have to firm contracts to make accessible the process.

Rio de Janeiro communities organized by PROGRAMA RIO COMUNITÁRIO, agree that, all regularizations process in RIO is more than a social problem, it have to be faced as a Public Order responsibility.

FAFRIO – Federação das Associações de Favelas do Município do Rio de Janeiro and all of our associated communities believe that, Rio Comunitário Program success depends on a population and government real integration. We can say that, the most miserable situation communities really need support to show their voice and shout up, by their own representation, they expect a more human, just and opportunity city,. Unfortunately we weren’t able to be in SFM, so what can we do to show the world that, Rio de Janeiro is more than a 2016 Olympic Games city.

FAFRIO – Federação das Associações de Favelas do Município do Rio de Janeiro, And all of our communities are looking for a social control and participation, so we’d like to know, how can we get in touch and participate from SFM on line, in fact I’m worried because I’ll have to give them a Federation position, by the way, I’ll send you in annex the construction our RIO COMUNITÁRIO PRESENTATION.

Thanks for your attention,

fonte:Venicio Bramer

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